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Since its founding in 1979, the Center for Effective Organizations (CEO) has conducted cutting-edge research on a broad range of organizational effectiveness issues. The leading university-based action-research center, CEO, has conducted research that influences how organizations are managed while also making important contributions to academic research and theory from its inception. The Center for Effective Organization's pioneering research in the areas of organizational design and effectiveness has earned it an international reputation for research that bridges the gap between academic theory and management practice.

CEO actively involves corporations in developing new and useful knowledge about how organizations can be more effective in highly competitive environments. In order to carry out this research, the Center is staffed by researchers who are leading scholars in their respective fields. Our staff members respond to a wide range of stakeholders by providing outstanding customer service, data analysis and administrative support.

Results from Center research projects are reported and published in many leading business publications and academic journals including the Academy of Management Journal, Business Week, Fortune, Harvard Business Review, Industry Week, The Los Angeles Times, The New York Times, and the Wall Street Journal. Members of the Center also have published over 30 books that are based on their research.

It is CEO's cutting-edge research on important business issues that places it at the forefront of developments concerning organizational effectiveness and business management.

Center for Effective Organizations

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